Ashley Wick (Born 1987, Nebraska) explores connections between love, longing, natural phenomena, intuition and fear. In Wick's animations and sculptures, she brings life and anthropomorphizes disembodied body parts, animals, and insects to tell her story through song and stream of consciousness story telling. Wick applies a poetic and often metaphorical language in her painted animations and sculptures, be decoding transmissions of words and the exchange of ideas, through the usage of rhythmic language. She has exhibited throughout Philadelphia and New York  in venues such as Fleisher Ollman Gallery, Marginal Utility, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum, NADA NY, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Kunstraum LLC, and Bull and Ram Gallery. Wick also recently had her first solo exhibition in Paris, France at Galerie Charlot. Wick was a recipient of the Fleisher Wind Challenge, the Linda Lee Alter Award for painting, and an emerging artist grant from the John Anson Kittridge Fund.