Through interplay of paint, animation, sound, and sculpture, Wick examines layers of trust and expectation by examining intimacy between loved ones, and the unknown between the individual and the universe. Applying a poetic and often metaphorical language to her playfully presented painted-animations, Wick attempts to decode transmissions of words and the exchange of ideas. The variable nature of meaning is probed through repetition, change of context, and unexpected settings.

Themes of love, sexuality, fear, crisis, and cyclical/reciprocal relations to the world are examined in Wick’s work. Rhythmic spoken verse and song are paired with the animations, intending to draw the viewer in with the repetitive and hypnotic nature of sound. They are structured in short loops, which are highly dependent on language, song, and cadence. Through animation Wick plays with modes of painting that allow her to continuously animate and reanimate the process of experience, revealing the inherent awkwardness and humor that echoes our vulnerabilities.